Shun Combination Whetstone 1000 & 3000

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Protect your investment in fine Shun cutlery and keep your edges razor-sharp with the Shun Combination Whetstone. In cases where your knife is dull, this Shun Combination Whetstone is the right choice. One side offers 1000-grit sharpening that will remove material from the edge, helping you put a new edge on the knife and restoring the sharpness. The other side, the 3000-grit stone, will smooth and finish the edge. If you want an even more refined edge, try our 3000/6000-grit Shun Combination Whetstone. You will need to thoroughly soak this whetstone before sharpening.

  • Combines two grits of whetstones in one: 1000 grit on one side, 3000 grit on the other
  • Use the 1000-grit side to sharpen your knives; use the 3000-grit side to finish the re-sharpened edge
  • Soak stone in water before using; use stone with water only
  • Includes rubber tray for stability when sharpening

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  • Use Sharpening & Honing, Product Care
  • Country of Origin China


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